Gov. Andrew Cuomo plans to barnstorm the state and deploy various members of his cabinet in an all-out effort to pass his three major agenda items by the end of June: a 2 percent property tax cap, the legalization of gay marriage and an ethics overhaul.

The tour mirrors his effort to travel the state in order to drum up support for his deep cuts in the state budget, which passed the Legislature largely intact.

Cuomo hopes that success will continue as he brings an argument to voters again.

“The budget passed because we did dozens and dozens of these events,” Cuomo said, mentioning the PowerPoint-based presentations conducted in various regions around the state.

There’s no set schedule for when the tour will begin or where the first event will be. Cuomo said the tour will include himself, Lt. Gov. Bob Duffy and other members of his administration speaking before community groups, newspaper editorial boards and other venues.

It’s clear this was long in the works. The Buffalo News reported back on April 5 the Cuomo administration planned a tour on the tax cap, but the campaign hasn’t gotten underway until now.

But the governor’s power in Albany to pass issue-based legislation is diminished compared to the broad power the office yields during the budget process – thanks in large part to the fact that he no longer wields the all-or-nothing budget extender nuclear option.

Cuomo said during a news conference this afternoon after meeting with his cabinet that the goal is to cajole legislators and convince the public to lobby their state representatives as well.

“This has been the consistent plan all along,” Cuomo said.

The issues Cuomo has chosen to push already enjoy public support – especially the 2 percent tax cap. Gay marriage still faces opposition in the Republican-controlled Senate.

The governor has threatened to investigate the Legislature through a Moreland Commission if lawmakers do not pass an ethics overhaul, which most likely will force legislators to reveal more information about their outside income and attorney clients.