Lt. Gov. Robert Duffy this morning called on county executives to take a hard look at their own spending before sounding alarms over mandate relief.

Duffy told Fred Dicker on Talk 1300-AM that that a strict limit on local property tax increases should be in place before mandate relief is approved — a reiteration of the Cuomo administration’s position.

“I would say that for the chief executives of the county, look at spending first,” Duffy said. Look at your own spending first. This is the first step. The mandate relief will come. The mandate relief isn’t easy. Some of this is in legislation. I hear a lot of excuses. My sense is you can’t take credit for dropping taxes and then blame someone else.”

School districts and local governments have voiced concerns that a 2 percent cap as proposed by Cuomo — and approved by the Republican-led Senate in January — would be too difficult to live within because of required spending for debt, health care administration and distribution and pensions.

But Duffy, the former mayor of Rochester, suggested as Empire State Development Corp. Chairman Kenneth Adams said yesterday that the cap would force a needed discussion on spending.

“We have a spending addiction, we have to curtail that spending,” he said.

Cuomo has sharpened his rhetoric toward legislators in recent days, saying on Tuesday in a web video they should approve a cap or “don’t go home.”

The governor and members of his administration are traveling the state to drum up support for the cap, along with an ethics bill and same-sex marriage legalization. Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, D-Manhattan, has said he would introduce his own tax cap with some exemptions.

Silver said on Tuesday that the bill’s introduction would be soon rather than later.