It looks like Newt Gingrich is running.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has bumped ex-Gov. David Paterson yet again – this time on the LCA wall.

Der Tzitung apologized if its decision to airbursh Hillary Clinton and Audrey Tomason out of a bin Laden raid Situation Room photo was “seen as offensive.”

The paper backed Clinton when she was a NY senator and a presidential contender.

An investigation by the state DMV using facial recognition software led to the arrest of 46 commercial drivers, some of whom were MTA employees.

A Duke University study found hydrofracking is contaminating groundwater wells in Northern Pennsylvania and Utica with methane.
A Public Policy Polling survey for Daily Kos and SEIU shows Kathy Hochul up by four percentage points over Jane Corwin.

Mayor Bloomberg thinks NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly would make a “great president.”

A report from the NYC Economic Development Corporation shows a living wage mandate would stifle development, cost jobs and curtail private investment in the city for years to come.

Bristol Palin is getting a reality show.

The Progressive Democrats of WNY endorsed Green Party contender Ian Murphy in NY-26.

House Speaker John Boehner took no questions from reporters about Medicare during his brief trip to WNY.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is heading to WNY to help Kathy Hochul.

Protestors sharpened their teeth on REBNY in preparation for their May 12 march on Wall Street.

More proof (was more needed?) the Trump bubble has burst.

Congrats to Newsday’s Sandra Peddie.