Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb today urged Gov. Andrew Cuomo to keep pressure on Democrats in his chamber to pass the property-tax cap as is, without alterations.

“New York has never been closer to having a property tax cap. In the Assembly, we are only 25 Democrat votes away from the tax cap passing. Think about that: if 25 Democrats join with our Members, our state will finally have a tax cap. If Governor Cuomo takes his statewide tour to Assembly Democrat Majority districts – and the media lets homeowners in these communities know where the Member truly stands – I am confident the property tax cap will pass this session,” Kolb said in a statement.

The Canandaigua, Ontario County Republican’s statement comes as Cuomo begins his statewide tour in favor of the 2 percent cap, along with pushing for gay marriage legalization and an ethics overhaul.

Cuomo’s office shot down the rumored proposal to have a temporary cap from the Assembly Democrats, who may be seeking a measure that would expire within 3-5 years.

Kolb also said in his statement that Cuomo should tout the original proposal that passed the Senate in January.

“The Governor should make it perfectly clear to New York taxpayers who actually supports the property tax cap – and who doesn’t. Our Assembly Republican Conference supports the property tax cap, is on record as voting for the Governor’s property tax cap bill, and has been leading this fight since 2007,” Kolb said.