The National Republican Congressional Campaign Committee has a new web-only video out today knocking independent candidate Jack Davis for his endorsement of President Obama and for his support of a Democratic House majority.

“The most important thing voters should know about Jack Davis is that he is a Democrat,” said NRCC Communications Director Paul Lindsay. “He’s attempting to fool Western New York, but it’s clear that Democrat Jack Davis is a true Nancy Pelosi liberal who wants to make government bigger, taxes higher and our crushing debt more massive.”

The video comes as Democratic candidate Kathy Hochul is running uncomfortably close to GOP nominee Jane Corwin in the heavily Republican 26th congressional district. Polls show Davis playing a possible spoiler role to Corwin and Republican Party leaders, including Erie County GOP Chairman Nick Langworthy, are trying to portray the independent Davis as a Democratic also-ran.

Earlier today, former Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino released a scathing email blasting Davis. Paladino, who lost to Gov. Andrew Cuomo last year, carried western New York counties and remains a popular figure among the Republican base.