As lawmakers in the Assembly quietly discuss an alternate property tax cap, the state Association of Counties released a report today that found local governments would have trouble living within a 2 percent limit without some major-league mandate relief.

NYSAC Executive Director Stephen Acquario said today a “carve-out” needs to be done for counties because mandated spending for health care, pensions and debt service have gotten too large.

Though Acquario supports capping property taxes, he said word of changes being put forward by Assembly Democrats won’t get to need to reduce costly required spending.

“I think disingenuous by the state not to take responsibility for the programs that they are creating and mandating in the state,” he said.

Acquario also predicted the cap as proposed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo — a 2 percent or rate of inflation ceiling — would have to be altered before it’s made law.

“The governor has advanced legislation — it’s unworkable. It doesn’t work in its current form, but things are to be negotiated. Nothing gets introduced in Albany and passes as is.