The state’s two largest public-employee unions blasted a proposal floated by Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office to offer a less-generous Tier VI pension program, which comes as the governor continues to negotiate a new contract for the bulk of the state workforce.

Civil Services Employees Association President Danny Donohue complained that the news leaked to the Associated Press, which moved the story this morning:

“It is very clear from the Cuomo administration’s leaks about plans to seek Tier VI pension changes for public employees that the governor does not care about the impact of his policies on working people.”

“The governor is engaging in political grandstanding to impress his millionaire friends at the expense of working people and the services they provide to the people of New York.”

And the Public Employees Federation also criticized the idea, calling it unnecessary:

“We think it’s unnecessary,” said spokeswoman Darcy Wells. “We think there are significant changes under Tier V and there hasn’t bee enough time to see any changes there. If the state’s going to continue to chip away at the benefits package and jobs security then the state is not going to be able to continue to support quality workforce.”