Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s release of his detailed schedules show an interesting tidbit leading up to the Port Authority’s announced toll hike plan.

Cuomo and his New Jersey counterpart Chris Christie dined at the Beacon Restaurant in New York City on July 29, just days before the Port Authority announced a plan to increase toll hikes on bridges and tunnels.

Both governors  at the time suggested they were blindsided by the toll hike plan and publicly shamed the authority for proposing stiff increases on bridge and tunnel fares.

The authority floated the idea of raising tolls for E-Z Pass drivers on bridges and tunnels from $8 to $12 and from $8 to $15 for drivers who use cash. That came on Aug. 5.

On Aug. 18, both men released a joint letter calling for lesser toll hikes, while also knocking the authority for not keeping its financials in order.

The July 29 dinner is surely no smoking gun that the two governors knew about the toll hike plan in advance But at the very least Cuomo and Christie holding an unpublicized meeting in the lead up to the toll hike announcement is sure to raise eyebrows.