Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who several hours ago said he still had to review President Obama’s tax plan before announcing his support, said in a statement late this afternoon that he is urging Congress to pass the plan.

Cuomo adds that though he is against tax increases, especially in New York, the burden of the economic troubles the U.S. faces can’t be put on the middles class entirely.

The statement, however, pointedly ends with Cuomo reaffirming his no-new taxes pledge in New York, which he says would put the state at a competitive disadvantage.

“As the President has rightly realized, the federal government is facing not only a fiscal and debt crisis but needs to take a strong action to create jobs and grow our economy.

I urge Congress to move quickly to pass the President’s plan so we can put New Yorkers and Americans back to work.

While I am against raising taxes in general, if taxes need to be raised to create jobs, balance the budget and lower the deficit then those increases need to be done at the federal level and on the wealthiest Americans, not the middle class.

New York State is one of the highest taxed states in the country. New York cannot have the people and businesses that create jobs and wealth in New York move to Connecticut or New Jersey which have lower taxes.”

Cuomo was opposed to keeping a surcharge on those making $250,000 and higher and against a “true” millionaires tax that was later proposed. Neither wound up in the 2011-12 fiscal year budget.

He did say in the news conference that he and the president face different issues at the state and federal level.

So, is this a clairification from earlier? A reversal? It’s hard to say, frankly.

Cuomo seemed lukewarm to the whole plan earlier today, saying he hadn’t seen the details. This is a much stronger pronouncement and endorsement of the president’s proposal than earlier. And while Cuomo didn’t say he was opposed to Obama’s plan, not immediately backing it was interesting.