Assemblyman Peter Lopez, R-Schoharie, will formally call on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to call a special session of the Legislature later this year in order to pass measures that would help storm-ravaged parts of upstate.

“We have more to do and to be honest in the next week or so I’ll be asking the governor to reach out to our colleagues and bring us back for a special session to consider additional relief measures,” he said.

Lopez, like Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb, said he wants to see $50 million that’s been set aside for economic development to go toward storm relief. Additional measures proposed largely by GOP lawmakers include a suspension of the sales tax on certain goods for flood victims.

Lopez said Cuomo has done a good job of “filling gaps” by re-purposing current state programs and helping residents cut through bureaucratic red tape.

“The state government — and I give the governor credit — has really been working to fill in gaps and trying to come up with new ways of using existing programs to help businesses reinvest, to help farms regain their footing, to look at how we address issues of homeowners and the challenges they face with their situations,” he said.

But — and this is stating the obvious — a special session seems unlikely for now. There are still a host of unresolved and politically thorny issues, including independent redistricting and the creation of a health-insurance exchange, that supporters would try to clamor for while they are in Albany.