Close watchers of NY1 this morning caught the first glimpse of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s television spot for the controversial nuclear power plant Indian Point.

“That’s clean, renewable, and low-cost electricity that powers the greatest city on earth,” Giuliani says in the ad.

Giuliani says New Yorkers “have a right to know the facts about this important source of energy” and that the site “is among the most thoroughly reviewed nuclear energy facilities in the country.”

The Giuliani ad can be seen as a strong counter to opposition to Indian Point’s permit renewal from Gov. Andrew Cuomo. With the passage of the long-sought Article X siting bill this past year, a replacement for Indian Point has become more possible.

But city officials, including Giuliani’s successor Michael Bloomberg, have said the plant is a necessity for providing power to New York City.

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, too, has knocked the Westchester-based site for failing to meet basic fire-safety regulations.

But the former mayor, who yesterday announced he won’t launch a long-shot bid for president, suggests that his concerns over safety for New York City are equal to that of Entergy.

“I want to do everything needed to keep New York safe and strong. And the people of Indian Point want to do too.”