One day after a fundraiser was held for the four Republican Senators who voted yes on same-sex marriage, the National Organization for Marriage launched a web ad attacking the quartet.

Last night, Senators Grisanti, Alesi, McDonald and Saland raised a combined $900,000 at a fundraiser set up by New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg. The ad, called “Money Dance” suggests that the four Senators voted for the bill in order to get their campaign coffers lined by Manhattan millionaires and billionaires.

“These four state Senators have betrayed New Yorkers in their quest for wedding cash,” Brown said. “They abandoned their stated values and their own promises to voters. We want to expose these Senators and their same-sex marriage money dance. NOM and our ‘Let the People Vote’ coalition will not rest until these legislators are turned out of office and the people of New York are allowed to vote on the definition of marriage.”

NOM has been calling for a referendum on the issue, and have launched a website at Currently there is no mechanism for referendum in New York. It would require an amendment to the constitution, so the earliest there could be a vote on such an issue would by 2013. Though, that is highly unlikely because the Senate and Assembly are unlikely to pass a bill calling for a constitutional amendment in each of the next two years.

Note: Having some trouble with the embed on this, but you should be able to access the ad from the link in the first sentence.

Update: Senator Grisanti’s Chief of Staff Doug Curella sent YNN this response to the ad:

“Senator Grisanti would never sell his vote on any piece of legislation, NOM is an out of state special interest group that has already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars against senator Grisanti for doing the right thing.”