A measure that would have expanded livery cab coverage to the outer boroughs of New York City will not be revisted during the extraordinary session (I spotted the copies on the desks of lawmakers).

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver declared in closed-door conference with Democrats that the measure, which passed in June but has come under criticism for lacking sufficient language for the disabled, will be revisted in January. Democratic lawmakers, including Sen. Mike Gianaris, had called for the bill to be vetoed because of the lack of language for the physically disabled.

The measure would allow livery cabs to pick up street hails, while also provide for 1,500 yellow cab medallions and is expected to bring up to $1 billion in revenue for New York City. Gov. Andrew Cuomo initially indicated he would be willing to bring parties back to the table and negotiate a compromise on the bill, but this week threatened a veto without unless there was an amendment.