A sticking point this morning for Senate Republicans in the massive economic package was resolved after a sunset on the $250 million cut to the MTA payroll tax was removed, Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos said.

“It’s going to be permanent,” he said prior to heading into a closed-door conference with GOP lawmakers. “I just had that discussion with the governor.”

A spokesman for Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver confirmed the change.

It had been unclear whether the expiration date — which the Archdiocese of New York did not want — was going to remain in the final version of the bill.

The cuts made to the payroll tax that affects suburban commuters includes exemptions for parochial and private schools and businesses with payrolls under $1.25 million.

The tax has been a major issue for Senate Republicans who are trying to hold onto the gains made in Long Island senate districts last year and expand their seats in the Hudson Valley.

Skelos defended the package, which includes a smaller tax cut for the wealthy than they were in line to receive if a surcharge due to expire at the end of the year went through.

The Skelos, a Nassau County Republican, said he disagrees with the idea that it’s just a partial re-instatement of the so-called “millionaires tax.”

“I don’t see it that way, it’s going to expire in three years and I just see it as a reduction,” he said.

He added: “It’s a tax cut, most people will receive a tax cut and the MTA payroll tax will receive an elimination.”

The tax code changes that lawmakers are poised to approve later today (we still haven’t seen the bill language yet) are due to expire on Dec. 31, 2014, the last day of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s four-year term.