Here’s an interesting quandry for Senate Democrats: Do you support a candidate who has the backing of an anti-gay marriage group?

The National Organization for Marriage is throwing its support to Democratic Senate candidate Chuck Swanick, announcing this afternoon it will give the challenger $5,000 in an effort to unseat Republican Sen. Mark Grisanti, one of the four Republican yes votes on same-sex marriage.

“Mark Grisanti betrayed us and the people of his district when he broke his word and voted to redefine marriage last year,” said Brian Brown, NOM’s president. “Four years ago Grisanti promised us he would defend marriage in the Senate, and we gave him a $4,000 contribution in response to his personal solicitation. Today we are endorsing Chuck Swanick, who truly will fight for marriage, and our $5,000 contribution to Mr. Swanick begins in earnest our quest to drive Grisanti from elected office.”

Swanick, a longtime player in Erie County politics, was picked to be the local Conservative Party’s candidate, denying Grisanti the needed line in Novemeber. Chairman Ralph Lorigo told me this afternoon in an interview set to air tonight on the show that it wasn’t just Grisanti’s yes vote on same-sex marriage the led to yanking the endorsement, but a variety of factors.

Democrats are yet to swing their support to any of the candidates running out in the 60th Senate District. In an interview with YNN Buffalo, Swanick would not take a position on gay marriage, saying only that it was settled law. Still, it remains to be seen if Senate Democrats would openly embrace a candidate supported by the National Organization for Marriage.

NOM said in a statement that they didn’t care if a Swanick victory translated to Republicans falling into the minority.

“In response to those who say that electing Mr. Swanick could cost Dean Skelos his majority in the Senate we say, ‘we don’t care,’” Brown said. “Mark Grisanti’s political career will be ended over same-sex marriage, and he might take Dean Skelos with him. But that is Skelos’ own doing for having allowed the same-sex marriage bill to come to a vote in the Senate. We are committed to electing a pro-marriage majority, not protecting Republicans like Mark Grisanti who betray our core values.”