In what appears to be his first foray on behalf of a Democratic candidate running in one of tomorrow’s special elections, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has recorded a robocall for Chris Fahey, an aide to Rep. Brian Higgins who is running in the 145th AD.

A reader forwarded a recording of the call, which you can listen to here. A few thoughts:

Interesting that Cuomo is wading in on behalf of Fahey, who is facing a fellow Democrat, Common Council Member Michael “Mickey” Kearns, who is running on the GOP line.

Kearns has tried to paint Fahey is little more than a “puppet” of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, continuing the long tradition of 145th AD candidates/incumbents in exercising some independence (at least verbally) against the Democratic leadership.

Higgins also once spoke out against Silver, and even backed former CNY Assemblyman Mike Bragman in his failed coup against the speaker.

There was a school of thought that Higgins would pay for that in this year’s redistricting, but he came out just fine with a district that’s even more Democratic than before.

The fact that Cuomo says he needs “an Assembly that I can work with” seems to suggest that he can’t work with the one that he currently has, which is weird, since his fellow Democrats in that chamber have been remarkably compliant when it comes to giving him what he wants – although not always happily.

Cuomo has made a point of focusing on the Buffalo area, much to the chagrin of some other upstate municipalities that wouldn’t mind a little more love from the gov.

As far as I know, the governor isn’t doing anything to assist any of the other candidates running in the three other Assembly specials taking place around the state tomorrow or the contest down in Brooklyn to fill the seat of former Sen. Carl Kruger.

If someone knows otherwise, please shoot me an email. Until then, here’s the Fahey/Cuomo call script:

UPDATE: Interesting twist: Two WNY Democrats emailed to note that Kearns was a big supporter of Buffalo businessman Carl Paladino’s 2010 gubernatorial run against Cuomo. In fact, Paladino is a contributor to Kearns’ campaign. So that provides an added incentive for Cuomo to want to prevent him from being elected.

“Hello, this is Governor Andrew Cuomo. I’m calling to urge you to vote for Chris Fahey on Tuesday, March 20th in the special election for state Assembly.”

“Chris will be a strong partner in revitalizing Western New York’s economy, bringing good-paying jobs to hard-working middle-class families.”

“Chris is committed on continuing the much-needed reforms to clean up Albany. We’ve made great progress in this state over the past 15 months, but I need an Assembly that I can work with to continue the progress.”

“Please this Tuesday, March 20th, vote for Chris Fahey for the state Assembly. Thank you very much.”