The four-member Independent Democratic Conference may grow its ranks with the possible addition of Shawn Morse, an Albany County Democrat launching an insurgent primary campaign against Deputy Minority Leader Neil Breslin.

After announcing their conference-wide endorsement from the state Independence Party, Sen. Jeff Klein said Morse is a potential IDCer should he get his name on the ballot.

“If Shawn Morse makes the ballot and he’s a candidate, we’re going to think long and hard about him as one of our potential IDC candidates.,” he  said.

It wasn’t exactly an endorsement, but Klein came quite close in saying he would back Morse’s candidacy, potentially with money raised from the conference’s political action committee. Klein reiterated today that his “conservative” estimate was to have $500,000 in the PAC by the end of the reporting period in July.

“I can say about Shawn he’s an outstanding county legislator, chair of the county legislature,” Klein said, adding that Morse hasn’t been approached “He’s certainly the type of person that would fit very well with the IDC.”

It is also unsurprising for Klein to say this.

Morse has been rather strident in his views of the Senate Democratic conference and the feeling is mutual.

Still, the pyschological blow of one of a leader within Democratic conference being knocked off by an IDC member would only further the bad blood between the remaining conference and Klein’s crew.

Klein added that he’s looking at a number of potential candidates to expand the conference, but did not say who was under consideration.

“It will definitely be in place and as I said before we’re looking to grow the IDC,” Klein said. “We’re being very careful on who the candidates are.”

Klein also called the current leadership contretemps with the Democratic conference “sad.”

“You can equate to a circular firing squad,” Klein said.

“Or same circus different clowns,” chimed in Sen. Diane Savino.