With little fanfare, Gov. Andrew Cuomo introduced a program bill that would provide a new regulatory framework for wage reductions that would broaden categories for advances on paychecks and allow employers to deduct wages with worker consent based on perks like mass transit tickets, gym membership and daycare.

The bill and support memo was posted early on the governor’s website, alongside the new teacher evaluation disclosure measure.

The measure was at one point a Department of Labor program bill and similar measures have been carried in both the Republican-led Senate and Democratic-controlled Assembly.

“The law unduly restricts employees from deducting payments from their paychecks for valuable services provided by the employers,” the bill memo states. “This is disadvantageous to both employers and employees. This bill would change these restrictions and would allow an employer, with the employee’s consent, to deduct wages from an employee’s paycheck to cover specified goods and services.”

The bill would also seek to allow employers to recapture overpayments in paychecks and advance loans to workers, with regulations to be developed by the Department of Labor commissioner.

Gpb49 Wage Deduction Bill

Gpb49 Wage Deduction Memo