The campaign finance report from Republican Senate candidate Wendy Long shows she has incurred debt and obligations of $193,643.

Long, who had a campaign staff shakeup last month, has about $110,000 on hand and, perhaps prolematically for her if she goes up against the well-funded Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, has roughly $50,000 for the November general election.

But the judicial activist and Manhattan lawyer has excited the conservative pundits. She is good friends with Laura Ingraham, who donated $2,500 to her effort. And today, conservative radio and television personality Sean Hannity endorsed her bid.

Long faces Rep. Bob Turner and Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos in a June 26 prmiary to take on Gillibrand. The three Republicans will face off in a debate Sunday night on YNN/NY1 and moderated by Errol Louis and Liz B.

Update: Long spokesman David Catalfamo issued this statement calling attention to more of the high-profiled endorsers.

“With the help of endorsements from leading state and national conservatives like Steve Forbes, Grover Norquist, Laura Ingraham, John Bolton and Sean Hannity today, Wendy has attracted the support of 176 individual donors from 27 states. It’s clear that momentum is building around Wendy’s candidacy and she will have the resources necessary to compete and win on June 26th.”