ICYMI: During a CapTon interview yesterday, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver all but admitted his push to raise the state’s hourly minimum wage form $7.25 to $8.50 is off the table for this session, but predicted the Senate GOP might yet act before the November elections.

The conventional wisdom around the Capitol has been that the Republicans are more likely to return AFTER the fall – perhaps some time in December – to address the minimum wage increase, perhaps connected in some way to a legislative pay raise.

But Silver rejected that suggestion, saying he still believes the overwhelming public support – as evidenced by several polls – will pressure the majority into acting prior to Election Day.

“All the Senate has to do is put it on the calendar and pass it,” the speaker told me. “At this point, they have indicated they will not be doing that.”

“I think as they face election we will see. The individual members will have the pressure on them from this issue, and they might be more inclined to do it.”

“All they have to do is go into session and pass that bill. There’s no magic. They’ll be back here to do some confirmations over the summer, so it won’t be difficult for them to be doing it.

“…When they feel the pressure of the election, they can come back. After November, we don’t have the election pressure that may bring them to take it to a vote.”