With Congress set to vote on the repeal of the Affordable Care Act this week, the American Action Network has launched a full ad blitz attacking New York Democrats who voted for the plan and are also facing competitive races (Reps Slaughter, Owens, and Bishop), while also pledging to send mailers supporting Republicans who vote for the repeal.

We’ve already received emails from AAN encouraging Reps Grimm, Hayworth, and Gibson to vote for repeal later this week. AAN says they will spend $1.2 million on a national initiative that includes direct mail pieces (like the one below) and robocalls as well as web videos targeting specific members of Congress.

“Obamacare is an anchor for Americans that will result in more expensive care, delayed or denied care, more debt for future generations, and massive taxes on people that can least afford it,” said American Action Network President Brian Walsh.

“The Supreme Court confirmed what liberals have been denying all along: this law is a massive tax. The American Action Network encourages Congressman Gibson to continue boldly fighting to repeal this disastrous law, making way for sensible reforms that actually address the challenges facing America’s healthcare system.”

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