As expected, Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued a veto today to a measure that would have given parents greater ability to seek reimbursements for sending their special needs children to private school.

But the language after the bill passed was able scrutinized, with some believing it would open the door for families to send their children to religious schools at no cost.

The measure had been criticzied by Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the Parternship for New York City the state United Teachers, School Boards Association and others for essentially ushering in a voucher-like program as well as being an unfunded mandate for schools.

But it had the backing of Orthodox Jewish organizations, as well as Catholic groups.

Still, even veteran lawmakers were privately taken aback by the speed at which the measure passed through the Legislature with little notice during the final week of the legislative session.

In the veto, Cuomo wrote that the bill was “an overly broad and ambiguous mandate that would result in incalculable significant additional costs.”

VETO #130