Senate Democratic candidate Shawn Morse has filed objections this afternoon to petitions submitted by rival Sen. Neil Breslin, challenging the filing after the incumbent provided inconsistent home addresses.

According to the petitions, it looks like Breslin gave his home address as “15 Pinedale Ave.” on the Democratic petition and “5 Pinedale Ave.” on the Working Families Party petition.

Update: A reader notes that Breslin got his address wrong on all three petitions, including the Independence Party ballot line in which he gave the incorrect zip code.

It is not the biggest sin in campaigning and it would be surprising if Breslin’s ballot status was actually in doubt over what essentially amounts to a careless typo.

But Morse is clearly trying to score a point by suggesting that the snafu is indicative of Breslin’s attention to details or lack thereof.

And that’s evident by this quote sent over from Doug Forand, Morse’s strategist and a founding partner of Red Horse Strategies.

“When a sixteen-year incumbent like Neil Breslin gets his own address wrong on three different petitions in two different ways, it must make voters question whether he’s equally disconnected on their top concerns like job creation, economic growth, and middle-class tax relief. Albany and Rensselaer County Democrats deserve a State Senator like Shawn Morse who will pay attention to the details and bring the focus needed to finally get things done in the Capitol,” he said in a statement.

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