Albany County Legislator Shawn Morse, a Democrat running a primary challenge against Deputy Senate Minority Leader Neil Breslin, would not commit in an interview on Friday to joining a breakaway conference of Democrats despite receiving more than $20,000 in contributions from them.

Morse received $9,300 from the political action committee set up by the Independent Democratic Conference in June and on the same day received the same amount from IDC Leader Jeff Klein’s account.

Klein and his fellow renegade Democrats had been coy about backing Morse in May, when they received the backing of the state Independence Party. At the time, Klein said support for what was then a potential Morse run against Breslin was still under consideration.

But Morse’s campaign filing for his county legislator account shows the game of political footsie goes back to at least April with the IDC. The conference’s PAC donated $1,000 that month and both Klein and Sen. Diane Savino cut checks for $1,000 as well for Morse.

Still, despite all the cash, Morse wouldn’t commit to joining the conference, which has complicated the Democratic Party’s attempt to regain control of the Senate from the Republicans.

“I haven’t made that decision. And I think for me to think that far ahead would put me at a disadvantage,” Morse said. “I need to focus day to day on winning the race and I really don’t think that far ahead because I really think that would detract from me campaigning and right now I’m focused on campaigning and I’ll make that decision after I do win in September.”

Morse, unsurprisingly, wouldn’t commit to vote for Senate Minority Leader John Sampson’s new term as leader (Sampson’s leadership come 2013 is very much in doubt, anyway. Plus, it is not unusual for a primary challenger to say he’s not backing the party’s legislative leader).

But Morse insisted up and down that he’s a Democrat, including a later questioned on whether he would conference with Republicans.

“My goal would always be to see a united Democratic caucus. That would be my goal. I’m a Democrat, I’m a proud upstate Democrat,” he said. “If I was going to vote for Mr. Sampson we would have to have a lot of dialogue and he would have to assure me of a lot of things. But I at this point I wouldn’t commit to that, either.”

As a coda to all this, Klein, a Democrat who is running on the Republican line as well thanks toa  detente with Bronx County Chairman Jay Savino said in a recent interview with The Riverdale Press that was highlighted by Ken Lovett’s column today that he would not back a GOPer for majority leader.