While we wait for news other than weather updates to come out of the GOP convention (Day One is canceled, if you haven’t already heard, and there’s a state of emergency in Florida, thanks to Isaac)…

A little state news, compliments of Frank Morano, who interviewed former Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno last week on his AM 970 show, THE ANSWER, and forwarded copy to CapTon.

Morano happened to catch up with Bruno, who is awaiting his second trial on federal corruption charges, the same day news broke about Assemblyman Vito Lopez’s sexual harassment scandal.

The former majority leader said he hadn’t yet heard about the Lopez mess because he had been traveling and not paying attention to the news. He did comment on Albany scandals in general, however, saying:

“It certainly does undermine the public trust any time anyone in public office is accused of any malfeasance in office – whatever it is.”

“And unfortunately, there’s kind of a built in bias by a lot of people against people in elective office.”

“…Being in public office is a real sacred trust in my mind, and most people in public office try to do the best thing that they can do by their constituents. They’re all human, they’re all fallible.”

Morano asked Bruno during the nearly 20-minute interview for his thoughts on Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The former senator responded that he thinks the governor is doing “remarkably well.”

“He’s dealing with the politics of managing this state, I think, better than most people have in our memories, and that’s to his credit,” Bruno added.

“I think President Obama can take a lesson from what is going on here with Governor Cuomo in terms of coalescing with the opposing party. Senate controlled Republican, Democrat-controlled assembly, and yet the governor gets a lot of things done.”

“And that’s by working together partnering, and that’s by recognizing that politics are politics but governing is what it’s all about.”

Bruno scoffed at criticism that the Cuomo administration lacks transparency, and was particularly dismissive of barbs tossed at the governor by former Gov. Eliot Spitzer (Bruno’s one-time political nemesis).

Specifically, Morano asked Bruno for his thoughts on the dust-up over Cuomo’s removal from public view of a document in the State Archive related to his AG investigation of Troopergate – the scandal sparked by Spitzer’s misuse of the State Police in hopes od smearing the former majority leader.

“Eliot Spitzer is the last person on this earth that ought to be critical of anyone for coverups, for not having full disclosure,” Bruno chuckled.

“I mean it is ludicrous – that’s the word that comes to my mind – for somebody like him to be accusing a governor or anyone else for what he was probably most guilty of.”

Toward the end of the interview, Morano asked Bruno who he misses most from his Capitol days – Speaker Silver or former Gov. George Pataki. Bruno replied:

“I really miss them both.”

“I had a great relationship with the governor…and Speaker Shelly Silver really does an outstanding job, whether anybody relates or not to his politics, he does an outstanding job of leading the Democrat-controlled Assembly, which is not an easy task because there are so many members in that conference.”

“If I miss anything, it’s probably the communication with people like Shelly, like Andrew Cuomo when he was AG, and certainly George Pataki and (Majority Leader) Dean (Skelos) and the rest.”

“So that’s part of what you miss in life as you move on with your life.”

You can listen to the full interview here and here.