Republican Rye Town Supervisor Joe Carvin, who is trying to oust Democratic Rep. Nita Lowey this fall, has released the first radio ad of the NY-17 race.

Unlike many of his fellow Republicans, who are trying to deflect blowback from Mitt Romney’s selection of Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate by accusing House Democrats of cutting billions from the Medicare Advantage program through their support of the Affordable Care Act, Carvin is continuing to focus on the economy.

He’s also striving to keep the tone of the race civil, noting in his press release that he likes and respects Lowey for her 24 years of service, but adding: “It is imperative that this country begin moving in a more responsible direction.”

Carvin’s ad, “Contrast”, starts with a dramatized phone call between a father and his “young college student” daughter, “Julie”, who’s distressed because she can’t find a job. The exchange goes as follows:

Daughter: Hello, Dad?

Dad: Hi Julie, How are you?

Daughter: I still can’t find a job. All of my friends are having the same problem.

Dad: Yes, I can’t remember the economy being this bad for this long.

Daughter: There are no jobs, the country is in debt and taxes keep going up. When is this going to turn around?

Dad: Honey, I just don’t know.

At this point in the ad, enter Carvin, who says:

“Hi, I’m Joe Carvin. Conversations like this are all too common today. The economic crisis has become a jobs crisis. The official unemployment rate of 8.2% but the real unemployment is 15 percent. Washington has truly failed us.”

“Nita Lowey has been in Congress for 24 years. I would like to replace her to help get us back on the right path. Nita Lowey has consistently voted to increase spending, while I’ve cut spending 25 percent as Rye Town Supervisor. Nita Lowey has voted to make government larger, while I intend to eliminate my own government job. We have different views on how to fix the economy. I hope you agree with me.”

“I am Joe Carvin and I approve this message.