State Republican Party Chairman Ed Cox says Gov. Andrew Cuomo had to re-adjust his agenda to tailor to more suburban concerns during his 2010 campaign thanks in part to GOP victories in county executive races in the New York City suburbs.

As such, Cuomo needs a Republican Senate to keep his agenda on track.

“When he was running for governor he picked up on the fact that we had huge wins in Westchester and Nassau County because there’s a tax revolt going on and so he adjusted his Democratic message that we can’t raise taxes, that we have to cut spending, and that’s a Republican message and it makes it a lot easier for him to then work with our majority in the Senate.”

Cox comments came after the Republican breakfast for the New York delegation this morning in which Rudy Giuliani slammed President Obama’s time in office, but offered some praise for the New York governor, who said he’s a Democrat the GOP can work with.

But Senate Republicans have been more than eager to join themselves at the hip with Cuomo, who has a stead 70 percent approval rating thanks in part to his legislative successes.

“He’s also been a very substantive individual — very straightforward, you know where he is no doubt about it,” Cox said.