Just the facts.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo used the word “facts” a lot in a 15-minute reporter gaggle earlier this afternoon in Albany at the Capitol in which he called for the Joint Commission on Public Ethics to investigate the claims made by staffers that Assemblyman Vito Lopez sexually harassed them.

“I think JCOPE should do an investigation of the allegations that have been made and let’s have the facts,” Cuomo said.

The governor reiterated that he said Lopez, who at his pinnacle was a major power in Brooklyn politics at Democratic leader, should resign if the allegations are true.

Lopez has denied the allegations are true.

“Assemblyman Lopez is entitled to the truth, also,” Cuomo said. “The people of the state of New York are entitled to the truth.”

But things are complicated by the more than $100,000 pay out made by Assembly to another woman not included in the Assembly Ethics Committee report who complained that Lopez sexually harassed her.

The settlement was previously unreported by the Assembly until The New York Times broke that story.

Still, Cuomo says the settlements are sadly a routine matter in state government — only this time it’s an elected official.

“These situations are a concern,” Cuomo said, adding, “The state settling a claim happens all the time. This is not the first harassment case that the state settled. I hope it’s the last, but my guess is that it won’t be the last.”

The governor would not say whether JCOPE should look into the settlement or the pace with which Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver moved to respond to the allegations about Lopez.

“It’s not my placed to tell JCOPE how they would do an investigation,” Cuomo said.

What is not clear is what an investigation would determine and whether that would be any different than what the Legislative Ethics Commission turned up via a letter released last Friday.

And it’s also clear if any JCOPE inquiry would result in criminal charges against Lopez, who was stripped of his Housing Committee chairmanship post by Silver, along with a note of censure.