The campaign of Democratic House hopeful Mark Murphy is out with a YouTube video this morning on why GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney “dumped” Rep. Michael Grimm as a campaign surrogate.

The 90-second video is split into three segments explaining why Grimm is on the outs with the top of the ticket. First there is a 30-second “explanation” and a 10-second one that runs through the already aired allegations of being connected to alleged illegal fundraising, the gun incident described in The New Yorker, etcetera.

A five-second segment simply says Grimm is “an embarrassment” to New York.

The Staten Island Republican is in Tampa, albeit a little late, and has denied all wrongdoing.

If anything, Grimm’s status as a Romney surrogate in New York took a hit after he fumbled a question in New Hampshire over the “I like to fire people” line.