“Family is out of bounds.”  This 2008 quote from then Presidential Candidate, Barack Obama, seemed to create an unwritten rule:  Those running for office should avoid attacking members of their opponent’s family.

Thursday, 13 term Congresswoman, Louise Slaughter, decided to break that unwritten rule. She launched a blistering attack on her Republican opponent’s husband Robert Weisner.

“He’s made over $1 million for himself on the taxpayers of MonroeCounty,” said Slaughter’s Campaign Communications Director Eric Walker.

Weisner is Maggie Brooks’ husband.  The Monroe County Executive is challenging Slaughter in New York’s redrawn 25th Congressional District.  After 32 years with the Rochester Police Department, Wiesner was appointed to a position with the Monroe County Water Authority. 

“He received an annual starting salary of $82,000 in 2005 that was quickly raised to $123,000,”Walker said.

The Slaughter Campaign claims the salary information came from documents obtained though a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request.  They’re documents the Slaughter camp said proves Brooks allowed her husband to collect a taxpayer-funded pension while serving at the Water Authority.  The accusations didn’t stop there.

“Weisner spent more than $21,000 worth of taxpayer money to take trips to conferences during his time as the Water Authority’s head of security. Brooks joined her husband for at least two such trips to Disneyland andSan Diego,” said Walker.

Brooks was in Tampa for the Republican National Convention Thursday.  Brooks’ Campaign Manager called these attacks “outrageous.”

“Maggie would never stoop so low as to attack members of Louise Slaughter’s family for political benefit,” said Noah Lebowitz. 

When approached for comment at a ribbon cutting event in Rochester Slaughter told YNN’s Leah George she’d rather talk about job creation, but when pressed Slaughter said:

“I think we did up a press release today, but we’re not particularly attacking her husband we want to tell facts.”

Slaughter insisted the documents her campaign sent out to the media were authentic.  YNN was unable to independently verify them Thursday.  Slaughter herself seemed to know little about where they came from.

“I can’t tell you about that part of it because I honestly don’t know. The campaign pretty well takes care of itself,” Slaughter said.

The campaign couldn’t shed any light on who initiated the FOIA request either.

“I’m not really sure about that either, but the important thing is not who made the request,”Walker said.

Slaughter’s campaign has adopted a harder edge this political cycle. It’s something most Monroe County Voters aren’t used to seeing from the 83 year old. Lebowitz has a simple explanation.

“Either she has lost total control of her campaign staff who attack the family members of Maggie Brooks on a daily basis, or she condones this type of divisive gutter politics. Either way, Monroe County voters deserve better from their elected representatives.” 

Monroe County Democratic Chairman Joe Morelle had a different take:

“This isn’t about Maggie Brooks’ family, it’s about her inability to understand the difference between private gain and the public good.  The Brooks Administration has time and time again created their own problems and no amount of name calling can change that.”

A Community Relations Officer for Monroe County told YNN there may be some inaccuracies in the documents obtained by the Slaughter Campaign and is reviewing the expense reports.