Republican state Senate hopeful Kathy Marchione, who is challenging Sen. Roy McDonald in the Sept. 13 primary, posted a video on her campaign website that not only repeats her past criticism of her opponent (singling out his “yes” votes on same-sex marriage and the 2011 tax reform plan), but also lays out her own five-point plan for fixing what ails New York.

The so-called “Marchione Plan” calls for some Senate GOP standards – cap and reduce state spending, lower taxes, no new debt without prior approval by the taxpayers (the state does have a debt cap, which it is dangerously close to hitting, although officials generally get around this by borrowing through the authorities), an end to unfunded mandates.

The Saratoga County clerk also increasing penalties for public corruption, which is particularly interesting since the seat she’s vying for used to be held by former Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno, who is awaiting his second trial on corruption charges.

Of course, no single senator could accomplish any of the goals Marchione lays out here without the support of her colleagues, and even then it’s unlikely most of these initiatives – some of have passed in one-house bills for years – would meet the approval of the Democrat-controlled Assembly.

Marchione also highlights her crusade against former Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s plan to let undocumented immigrants obtain driver’s licenses – a battle that took place back in 2007.

CapCon is reporting Marchione has both outraised and outspent McDonald, although he continues to enjoy a considerable cash advantage. He also has the support of the well-funded GOP conference behind him.