Asked today about the ongoing financial dispute between himself and Gov. Andrew Cuomo that has indefinitely delayed the opening of the $1 billion 9/11 museum at Ground Zero, Mayor Bloomberg reiterated that the foundation he chairs has raised its share and turned over the necessary funds to the Port Authority, insisting the governor is getting bad information if he has been led to believe that’s not the case.

“The governor’s not been well informed by his staff,” Bloomberg said. “The obligations that the port has are well documented. And the obligations that the foundation have are well documented. My recollection is we originally were going to agree to raise a couple hundred million dollars, and they came back and wanted another $75 million. We’ve raised over $450 million, so we’ve done all of that.”

“You know, there’s $60 million a year. It’s a lot of money, but it costs that. You want a real budget, or you want us to lie? If it’s a real budget, then that’s what it’s going to cost, and then we have to go out and find sources…Yes, it will always be a challenge to fund this. It’s a challenge to fund education. It’s a challenge to fund police. The governor’s got challenges to fund the state government, and we’ll do everything we can to help him as well.”