New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg donated $1 million to the Senate Republicans’ housekeeping committee, a contribution that continues his support for the last lever of power controlled by the GOP in the state.

The contribution is yet to go online because the housekeeping committee

The donation is in line with what Bloomberg, a billionaire known for funding a variety of both political and non-partisan causes, has given to the Senate GOP in the past.

In 2010, the mayor donated $900,000 to the housekeeping account as the conference was gearing up to retake the chamber after a term in the minority.

Before that, when then-Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno ran the chamber, Bloomberg gave $1.1 million.

The $1 million donation comes at the same time that he’s given $75,000 to the Independent Democratic Conference, a four-member bloc of Democratic lawmakers who sit separately, but could determine control of the Senate next year depending on which conference they are ultimately allied with.

“The Mayor has a long history of supporting independent-minded officials who are willing to cast aside partisan politics to support New York City,” said Bloomberg Marc LaVorgna of the IDC donation. “He thinks Senator (Jeff) Klein and the Independent Democratic Conference are taking the right approach to legislating.”

Bloomberg has backed several measures that Republicans in the chamber put to a vote this year, including a new, less generous pension tier for incoming state workers. He also gave the maximum donations to the four Republican lawmakers who backed the legalization of same-sex marriage.

Bloomberg, notably, did not give to Democratic Sens. Carl Kruger, Shirley Huntley and Joe Addabbo, who all flipped their votes. Kruger left the Senate after pleading guilty to corruption charges and Huntley was arrested earlier this year for directing money to a non-profit controlled by relatives.

Update: Bloomberg did donate to Addabbo in July the maximum amount allowable.