Sean Patrick Maloney, the Democrat hoping to unseat Republican Rep. Nan Hayworth in NY-18 in November, has released his first TV ad of the campaign.

Interestingly, the message and imagery of this spot is similar to the one released yesterday by the House Majority PAC, even though the campaign and independent organization are legally barred from cooperating.

Maloney’s ad accuses Hayworth of “going Tea Party on us,” and opens with a group of women sitting around sipping from cups.

One woman makes a face upon tasting her beverage, and that grimace is repeated by a number of other generic tea sippers until the final image: Maloney himself sitting at a diner counter with a mug in his hand, saying: “It’s clearly time for a change.”

The House Majority PAC ad doesn’t include any people, but does prominently feature a table set for a “tea party” in which one of the cups in the tea set explodes.

The message of these two ads is the same: Hayworth is an extreme Tea Partier, despite her moderate claims.

Yesterday, Hayworth’s campaign spokesman pushed back, calling her a “center-right candidate in a center-right district, fiscally conservative and socially moderate.”

He then slammed Maloney, who only recently moved into the district and was actually thinking of running elsewhere before redistricting rejiggered New York’s congressional map, for being a carpet-bagger.

Here’s the script of Maloney’s ad:

“Voiceover: Congresswoman Nan Hayworth’s gone Tea Party on us, and it’s not pretty. Voting to end Medicare to pay for tax breaks for millionaires.…like her.”

“For all her sugary promises at home, Congresswoman Hayworth abandoned us in Washington where she joined the Tea Party to defund Planned Parenthood.”

“Sean Patrick Maloney: It’s clearly time for a change. I built a business and created good jobs, worked in the Clinton White House. And in Congress, I will put jobs and the middle class first, protect Medicare and stand up for women’s health care.”

“I’m Sean Patrick Maloney and I approve this message.”