An anti-gay marriage mailer from western New York has been circulating around state political circles for the last few months, but received some new oxygen yesterday thanks to BuzzFeed.

The mailer, which criticizes Republican Sen. Mark Grisanti for his vote in favor of same-sex marriage legalization, is prett graphic; depicting two men in the midst of a sex act and refers to the Buffalo lawmaker as a “political whore.”

With the renewed focus on the mailer comes some criticism from Democrats, who call the mailer “hateful.”

In a statement, Syracuse Mayor and state Democratic Party co-chairwoman Stephanie Miner called on Republicans to publicly rebuke the mailer.

Mayor Stephanie A. Miner called on Republican leaders from across New York State, including Onondaga County Republican Committee Chair Tom Dadey, to publicly repudiate a recent mailer circulated by the Committee to Save the Erie County Republican Party. “This mailer represents the most abhorrent and hateful attack that has no place in political discourse in New York state politics,” said Mayor Stephanie A. Miner. The Mayor urges all leadership, including Mr. Dadey, to denounce and reject the divisive appeals that debase who we are as a state and as a society.

Keep in mind: Grisanti is a Republican who helped back Gov. Adnrew Cuomo’s signature same-sex marriage issue. Miner, along with Manhattan Assemblyman Keith Wright, was appointed earlier this year by Cuomo to lead the state party.

Grisanti faces a primary challenge Thursday from Republican Kevin Stocker.