Maggie Brooks is pushing back hard against a new TV ad released by Rep. Louise Slaughter’s campaign that ties together a number of scandals in Monroe County and lays them at the feet of the GOP county executive.

The ad draws in criticism from the comptroller’s office over county contracts, “patronage” at the county Water Authority and mismanagement at Rochester International Airport.

The conclusion from the ad: “We just can’t trust Maggie Brooks.”

The 30-second spot is a tough one; probably the toughest yet of the upstate battleground House district given its “kitchen sink” nature.

Brooks, naturally, sharply criticized the ad for focusing on “old news” and criticized the spot for increasing the level of mud slinging in the campaign (though one of the news stories cited comes from just over a week ago).

“The fact that Louise Slaughter has set a tone of negative mud slinging with this 30-second attack says more about her failed 25-year record in Congress than anything else. After spending more than a quarter of a century in Washington, Mrs. Slaughter has let Monroe County down. She’s voted to hike our taxes by billions, increase our debt by trillions, and gut our economy of millions of jobs. In fact, she hasn’t just contributed to what’s wrong in Washington – Louise Slaughter defines what’s wrong with Washington. And that’s exactly why she is running this disappointing ad to distract from her failed record.

The Slaughter commercial also includes an unauthorized cameo from YNN’s own Casey Bortnick. It’s more than a little discomforting for us in the press when our work, especially our image and voice, is used in a political ad of any stripe. I’m attaching Casey’s story here that the ad quotes for full context.