Republican House candidate Maggie Brooks is out with a new TV ad this morning that slams Democratic Rep. Louise Slaughter for running a negative and “shameful” campaign.

And for a 30-second spot that decries how negative the campaign is getting, Brooks proves she can give as good as she’s gotten over the course of the cycle.

The ad notes that claims made by Slaughter and her surrogates have been refuted by independent panels and also takes a few swipes at the “special interest cash” she’s received from contributors, along with taxpayer-funded junkets.

“Our latest ad exposes entrenched Washington insider Louise Slaughter for running a sleazy campaign to hide her shameful record,” said Brooks for Congress Campaign Manager Noah Lebowitz in a statement. “Mrs. Slaughter voted to raise her own pay seven times, and then took dozens of lavish foreign trips on the taxpayer dime. Mrs. Slaughter took over $5 million in special interest cash, and then pushed the tax hikes that they wanted onto the backs of local families. From her sleazy campaign to her shameful record, Louise Slaughter just isn’t for us anymore.”