The Green Party of New York is strongly denouncing the comments made by their North Country candidate Donald Hassig, who said a forum Thursday night that foreign farm workers should be deported.

“Donald Hassig’s statements are disturbing and reprehensible, and have nothing to do with Green Party values. Contrary to Mr. Hassig’s statements, the party has long been a champion of immigrant rights and a just immigration policy. With his statements, Mr. Hassig has placed himself outside the Green Party’s platform and its values. Hassig petitioned to be on the Green ballot line, but we do not consider him a Green candidate,” said party co-chair Gloria Mattera.

According to North Country Public Radio Hassig said that, “I do not want Mexicans on the farms of St. Lawrence County, or the farms of Clinton County, or the farms of Washington County — any of these farms.”

The comments are jarring for Green Party members, considering that the organization has long stood for migrant workers rights.

Hassig is running in the newly drawn NY-21, which features Democratic Rep. Bill Owens and Matt Doheny, a Republican businessman.

“The Green Party has long supported the rights of migrant farm workers, including fights to help them win increased wages, union rights, and citizenship. We want to build a New York that welcomes diversity and tolerance, and the first step towards that is protecting and helping the most disadvantaged, especially immigrant workers, from persecution and abuse. We stand by those values, and not the hateful words spoken by candidate Hassig,” said party secretary Peter LaVenia, who is also running against Sen. Neil Breslin this fall.