Governor Andrew Cuomo is in Kingston this morning taking a Mid-Hudson Regional Economic Development Council Assessment Tour. Lt. Gov. Bob Duffy is joining him.

Back in Albany, Planned Parenthood is announcing candidates it is endorsing at 11am.

At noon, Republican US Senate candidate Wendy Long will be talking to the Albany press corps before sitting down with the Times Union and Glen Falls Post Star editorial boards.

Women’s rights advocate and Democratic party surrogate Sandra Fluke is still in New York – speaking at a forum at Albany Law school this afternoon.

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick will headline the Empire State Pride Agenda’s annual dinner tonight. Incoming Executive Director of ESPA Nathan Schaefer will also be hand.

And, of course, the Vice Presidential debate is tonight at 9pm.

Now to the headlines.

Both the AP and Politico have 5 things to watch for in tonigh’t Vice Presidential debate. NYT came up with 6 things.

Former Solicitor General Ted Olson has been playing Joe Biden for Paul Ryan’s debate prep, which has been described as meticulous.

Joe Biden has been described as a “happy warrior” in debate prep.

Daily News looks back at the 10 biggest gaffes from Vice Presidents.

Recent polls suggest that Mitt Romney hasn’t seen much of a bounce in the battleground states of Colorado, Virgina, and Wisconsin – although his poll numbers on leadership have improved in those states.

Chris Christie is giving Romney a boost as he campaigns hard in Ohio.

Many health care companies are awaiting the results of the election before making long term decisions, in case parts of the Affordable Care Act are repealed.

Seniors supporting both Republican and Democratic plans for health care reform are making a mark on Congressional races across New York.

Newsday takes issue with the timing of Rep. Steve Israel’s home sale.

Democratic Congressional challenger Julian Schreibman hammered Incumbent Republican Chris Gibson for voting to support Paul Ryan’s budget during their debate last night in Ulster County.

Syracuse Post Standard continues it’s series of discussing issues with the candidates in NY-24.

State Senate candidate Bob Cohen, one of Republicans best hopes for picking up a seat, has been called a slum lord by some of his tenants.

Several Banking and Insurance industry groups are going to challenge the new disclosure laws ushered in by the new ethics law.

According to the NY Post, Chelsea Clinton’s low profile during the campaign is due to her contract with NBC and not because she is disillusioned with President Obama.

Many state parks are getting a facelift thanks to an infusion of cash in this years budget.

A Texas natural gas company has started drilling exploratory wells in the Marcellus Shale in anticipation that fracking will get the go ahead in New York.

Federal prosecutors are dismissing allegations they pushed a fundraiser for NYC Comptroller John Liu to try make up a criminal case against Liu.

The NY Post rips the UFT for trying to run a charter school – arguing that charters are designed to “bypass” unions.

The Bronx High School of Science has produced another Nobel Prize winner.

A state ed report panned Buffalo school leaders for failing to respond to requests for help from schools.

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg compared himself to British PM David Cameron during a speech in London.

Former First Lady Laura Bush talked about 9/11 and other topics during a speech at University of Buffalo last night.

Ultimate Fighting Championship nudged Gov. Cuomo toward legalizing mixed martial arts.

A fight over HUD funds in Buffalo appears to have come to an end.