During her 26 years in Congress, Louise Slaughter is proud to say she’s been in the middle of several high profile political fights.  The Fairport Democrat has been called one of the most liberal members of Congress, and was a key figure in the passage of President Obama’s health-care reform law.

“They know that I am a fighter and I will not back down,” Slaughter said.

In some cases, Slaughter’s unwillingness to “back down” has lead to some eyebrow raising attacks against her Republican colleagues in the House of Representatives.  In April of 2011, she told a crowd on the National Mall in Washington that newly elected Republicans came to Congress “to kill women.”  She even compared some GOP policies to Nazi Germany.

“I’m a trophy I know that.  They want to take me out because of who I am and what I mean down there.  I’m the one who put the health-care bill on the floor,” Slaughter said.

Thursday, Slaughter told several members of the Rochester media that “they” (DC Republicans) were trying to end her bid for a 14th term in Congress.

“I found out yesterday that the (American) Crossroads Super PAC, headed by Karl Rove, has bought time here amounting to $1.4 million for the next four weeks.”

Slaughter is facing Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks in New York’s 25th Congressional District.  This competitive race has already seen its share of attack ads, and Slaughter says it’s going to get worse.

“So you are going to be bombarded at every second with pictures of me so ugly that not even my family would recognize them,” said Slaughter.

Slaughter blamed the US Supreme Court.  Specifically a 2010 decision ruling that corporations and unions have the right to unlimited political spending in support or opposition of candidates in elections.  Slaughter compared the ruling to an 1857 decision that upheld slavery.

“This is part of what I think was the worst Supreme Court decision since Dred Scott.  It said corporations are people.  And people can spend all the money that they want.  There is grave concern, and reason to be concerned that a lot of the money coming in is from foreign countries.  We simply don’t know where this money has come from,” Slaughter said.

Brooks Campaign Manager, who could not confirm American Crossroads plans to purchase airtime, called Slaughter’s comments “disturbing” and “offensive.”

“In an affront to every sensible Monroe County voter, Louise compared her campaign to the plight of former slave Dred Scott and the millions of African-Americans who suffered under the scourge of slavery,” said Noah Lebowitz.

Lebowitz  says Slaughter has had no problem raising money to fund negative ads against Brooks.  The National Republican Congressional Committee also accused Slaughter of accepting $250,000 from an extreme left-wing superPAC.

“Louise has raked in millions from big labor and extreme liberal special interests, rendering her cries of conspiracy even more hollow than her failed, 26-year record in Congress.  After today’s bizarre and offensive outburst, we are left to wonder whether she has lost touch with reality,” Lebowitz said

The Slaughter campaign doesn’t deny it’s been able to raise plenty of money, reporting more than $730,000 in the third quarter of 2012 and $1.8 million overall.  But the Slaughter camp describes most of the funds as “grassroots contributions.” Slaughter’s staff says when you add up all of the outside money from “special interests” Slaughter is getting outspent 8-1.

Slaughter says if re-elected she’ll fight the Supreme Court to try to reverse the ruling that allows what she calls “excessive” spending from political action committees.

“I don’t know who’s money this is.  Is this gambling money that came in from China? Because I do believe that’s where some of this has come from,” Slaughter said.

After 26 years of colorfully criticizing her Republican opponents, the trail of money is more likely to lead to lead right back to Washington.

“I’m surrounded by people who don’t believe in science, who have absolutely have come to destroy the government,” Slaughter added.

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