Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who insisted this morning that he has not yet received his marching orders from the Obama campaign, will stump for the president in Florida this Saturday, according to a Democratic source familiar with the plan.

The details are still being worked out, but the schedule calls for Cuomo to headline a number of events in the Sunshine State – a key swing state where polls show Mitt Romney is in the lead.

I’m awaiting comment and/or confirmation from the governor’s press office.

Cuomo will likely attend an early vote rally (early voting begins 10 days before an election in Florida and ends on the third day before any election in which there is a state or federal office race).

He’ll also probably host an LGBT event, which makes sense, considering the fact that he is best known at the national level for pushing a same-sex marriage bill through the divided Legislature last summer.

That vote raised Cuomo’s profile considerably, furthered speculation that he will likely run for president himself one day, and made him a hero in the gay community, which includes a number of donors with very deep pockets.

Florida is, of course, home to a number of transplanted New Yorkers, so it was a safe bet that the governor of New York would be there to speak on the president’s behalf.

Cuomo said this morning that the campaign has also discussed possible deploying him in Virginia and/or Ohio – two other battleground states that could prove pivotal on Election Day.