As Sen. Jeff Klein and the newly formed Senate majority coalition seek to coalesce around various policy and legislative goals, IDC Sen. David Carlucci has one of his own: changing the school aid formula.

In an email sent to supporters celebrating the news of the new coalition, Carlucci adds the idea of school aid changes to the list of goals Klein has given, which includes a minimum wage increase and passing campaign-finance reform laws.

From the Carlucci email:

Under this new agreement, the Independent Democratic Conference, to which I belong, will work with our Republican colleagues in a spirit of cooperation that is unprecedented by Albany standards. This governing model will ensure that equal authority and the need for equal agreement will be established over all matters.
Perhaps more importantly, this will ensure that major progressive legislation will finally be brought to the floor for an up or down vote. Increasing the minimum wage, changing the state school aid formula and passing campaign finance reform will finally have the chance to be voted on by the entire Senate body.

The email does not delve into specifics of how the formula might change.

The voting bloc that is the “Long Island Nine” — the GOP senators who represent the Nassau and Suffolk County districts — have historically been staunch proponents of sending state aid to their local schools.