All the principle characters in the drama that is the latest Senate leadership battle aren’t poking their heads over the trench wall this morning, suggesting either they’re all trying to size up the situation, or as Tom Precious suggests, a deal is at hand.

Senate Democrats, however, don’t seem to be in the mood to form a coalition government in the state Senate as envisioned by Sen. Jeff Klein, the leader of the now-five member Independent Democratic Conference.

“Those elected as Democrats should respect voters’ clearly expressed intent and sit with the Democratic Conference to implement important progressive goals like standing up for women’s health, passing real campaign finance reform, raising the minimum wage and enacting common sense gun laws,” said Senate Democratic spokesman Mike Murphy. “Anything less would be a disservice to the people of our state.”

The dynamic now is something truly unusual Senate insiders note, even if the move by Smith is not necessarily a major surprise.

Both Smith and Klein were in charge for at least part of the failed experiment that was the Democratic majority of 2009 through 2011. Smith was deposed as majority leader following the coup, but later emerged with a ceremonial post as Senate president. Klein stayed on as the deputy majority leader and floor leader.

Still, those familiar with Klein’s thinking say he and Smith have been on good terms and even broke bread together on several occaisions after the IDC was formed.