Here’s a very handy informational guide passed along to me by Citizens Union that is a rather comprehensive outline of the changes to the Senate rules that enshrine the GOP-IDC majority coalition.

The changes, well worn at this point, include the three-fifths motion for consideration of bill or changes to the rules. Many of the differences stem from the agreement requiring Sens. Jeff Klein and Dean Skelos to agree together on bringing a bill to the floor for a vote or refer a measure to the Senate Finance Committee.

The outline also notes that many of the Senate committees — including Finance — are shifting their numbers around. Finance will receive two new members, growing from 35 lawmakers to 37. There’s also that new education subcommittee for New York City-related issues which we wrote here earlier, with the chairman’s gavel possibly going to Brooklyn Democrat Simcha Felder, who is conferencing with the Senate Republicans.

The Senate approved the rules on Wednesday, over mainline Democratic objections, with Klein and Skelos sharing the title of temporary president.

It’s all very inside baseball, yes, but the rules do matter when it comes to how the Senate is conducting itself. After all, the rules govern how member items will be distributed and who has the power and authority to ultimately make decisions that impact us all.

How these rules will play out in the real world of Senate parliamentary politics and fuctionality remains to be seen once the chamber begins its work in earnest next week.

Changes in the Senate Rules From Last Session by Nick Reisman