New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg urged state lawmakers in testimony in Albany today to not “punish” schoolchildren because the United Federation of Teachers failed to come to an agreement with the city over the local criteria for teacher evaluations.

Bloomberg told lawmakers that negotiating with the UFT “proved to be impossible.”

The city stands to lose an additional $250 million in state education aid for the current fiscal year after the evaluation negotiations broke down.

“No other state in the union even tries to do this. It is just a process that has not, will not and in fact cannot work,” Bloomberg said in his prepared remarks.

He laid blame on the union for pushing for a sunset provision in the evaluations that arose at the 11th hour in the negotiations just before the Jan. 17 deadline.

Overall, Bloomberg says the city stands to lose upwards of $724 million in education aid over the next two years.

While he thanked lawmakers for passing a new gun control law that updates the state’s assault weapons ban and credited Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s efforts in handling the devastation of Superstorm Sandy in the New York City area, Bloomberg is clearly tired with Albany.

He’s tangled with nearly each governor during his tenure, including Cuomo (to be sure, governors and mayors are often at odds with each other based on the very nature of their positions, needs and whatever power dynamic is at play).

Today is likely the mayor’s last appearance before a joint legislative budget panel. And after 12 years of coming hat hand on “tin can day,” Bloomberg, a national figure talked up by some pundits as a post-partisan presidential candidate or possible head of the World Bank, was patient and restrained while getting a tongue lashing from Assemblywoman Cathy Nolan over the handling of the union negotiations.

“Going along with the UFT’s demands would have broken faith with you — and our schoochildren who deserve far better from us all,” he said. “My message is simple: Do not punish our schoolchildren for the obstructionism of the UFT.”