The NRA called Andrew Cuomo “America’s most anti-gun governor.”

Glenn Beck railed against Cuomo for his gun control proposals, calling the governor a “pinhead” who “has no clue what an assault rifle even is.”

The WSJ’s Jacob Gershman (writing from his new perch on the law beat) says Cuomo’s plan could make it easier for local authorities to enforce the state’s gun laws.

Rep. Charlie Rangel said the lack of diversity among the president’s recent cabinet nominees is “embarrassing as hell.”

Cuomo got a flu shot, administered by his health commissioner, Dr. Nirav Shah, who gave his patient a lollipop for good behavior.

Celeste Katz remarked on Cuomo’s – ahem – guns, which were rather hard to miss.

All Over Albany had fun with its gov-gets-flu-shot headline.

Coverage of VP Joe Biden’s gun violence discussions today was interrupted by reports of a California school shooting.

One student was shot and wounded at the San Joaquin Valley school, and the shooter was taken into custody.

Biden said he plans to give the president ideas to reduce gun violence by next Tuesday and that a consensus is emerging to ban high-capacity weapons and require universal background checks.

The NRA accused the White House of attacking the 2nd Amendment.

The NY Post got its Anthony Weiners mixed up.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie would give Hillary Clinton a run for her money in 2016, a new PPP poll found.

Republican George Amedore askedthe state’s highest court to stop the counting of 46th SD ballots, and also to consider reversing a mid-level court’s order that 99 new votes should be examined.

Republican George McDonald joked that he’s running for mayor of NYC because he wants to boost his Klout score higher than Azi Paybarah’s.

Paybarah describes McDonald as “Huntsman-like,” given his effort to appeal to the so-called 47 percent.

Democratic mayoral candidate Sal Albanese unveiled a public safety initiative.

Democratic North Hempstead Town Supervisor Jon Kaiman, long rumored to be a possible challenger to GOP Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano, isn’t running after all.

Obama’s chief of staff and treasury secretary-in-waiting, Jack Lew, is a Forest Hills, Queens native.

Consumer confidence was up across every region of the state in the fourth quarter of 2012, according to a new Siena poll.

Newark Mayor Cory Booker once wrote that the thought of two men kissing each other “was about as appealing as a frontal lobotomy.” Now he’s a recovering homophobe.