Attorney General Eric Schneiderman believes there can be common ground with gun owners and firearms advocates, and in a radio interview with Susan Arbetter today he cited his new rules for gun shows as an example.

Schneiderman announced last week that his office and operators of several gun shows have agreed to the new guidelines for gun shows in order to ensure background checks are performed and illegal sales don’t occur.

Schneiderman told Arbetter today that while the National Rifle Association has “really adopted an extreme stance” most gun owners are willing to ensure safety.

“I found them to be a very responsible and reasaonable group of people,” Schneiderman said. “I think there’s more room for common ground than people realize.”

Schneiderman said he was heartened by the operator of the Saratoga Gun Show who told those attending the event to follow the rules or not show up.

“This is a moment for action,” he said. “I’m looking forward to seeing if anything happens on the national level and I do think there’s room for cooperation.”