Tucked into the proposed Senate rules due to be voted on this afternoon is the creation of a subcommittee for education solely in New York City, a move that is being called one of the more dramatic changes by Senate Democrats.

According to the rules, “any bill referenced to the Education Committee whose subject matter shall soley impact education matters in New York City” will be sent to the subcommittee.

It’s not entirely clear why the six-person committee is being created, though the senator appointed chair of the committee would have outsized influence over the direction of funds and policy aimed at New York City schools.

Certainly Brooklyn Democrat Simcha Felder, who is conferencing with Senate Republicans, would be a possible candidate for chairman of the subcommittee, in order to direct money to the orthodox Jewish community he represents. Felder had pushed Senate Republicans for a special committee on education, though it’s not clear if he will be in charge of it.

Felder had made a major point during his campaign of easing the burden of special education and tuition for religious education.

The subcommittee also comes as mayoral control for New York City schools expires in mid-2015. Should the subcommittee survive for the next two years, it’s importance would only be heightened during that debate.