A Western New York Sheriff took his criticism of the New York Safe Act to a more colorful level this week. Chautauqua County Sheriff  Joe Gerace told YNN Jamestown’s Mark Goshgarian that the legislation was “ramrodded” through the state legislature.

The New York State Sheriff’s Association sent a letter to the Governor last week asking him to clarify, and even change, certain aspects of the law. The West Ellicott Democrat and past President of the Sheriff’s Association, like his colleagues, was very critical of the restrictions on magazines.

“It outlaws guns that are used for hunting and for recreational target shooting. We think that should be retracted. We do not believe that limiting capacity of a handgun to seven rounds does nothing but punish lawful citizens. The criminal isn’t going to care how many bullets they put in their gun,” Gerace said.

Gerace said he and his colleagues should have been consulted before the law was drafted. He hopes the Governor will consider changes.

“We think there has to be modifications to it. We don’t like the way the bill was passed. We don’t think it gave ample time for dialogue or for input. We weren’t asked for our direct input as to the specifics of the law. It was ramrodded through,  and it’s not good government,” Gerace said.

Gerace rejected Western New York Assemblyman David DiPietro’s claim the new law would would ultimately lead to law enforcement being forced to confiscate guns from peoples’ homes.

“We want to make it clear that we have no intention of, nor does the law call for, people having their guns confiscated. We as sheriffs will not do that. The law doesn’t call for that,” Gerace said.

Gerace said he strongly supports protecting the identities of pistol permit holders. He’s also in favor of increasing the penalties for those who commit gun related crimes and those who shoot first responders.