The one-house Senate budget resolution backed by the coalition of Republicans and Democrats in charge of the chamber is pushing for the legalization of online poker.

The language relies on a state court ruling that determined poker is considered a “game of skill” and not a legally prohibited “game of chance.”

“The Senate supports authorizing and regulating internet gaming for games of skill, including poker, to reflect recent changes in the classification of these games,” according to the resolution.

The language does not spell out siting, regulatory steps or total revenue that would be generated by the plan. One Senate source estimated that the licensing fees alone for such a move could provide for up to $100 million in licensing fees alone for the state.

The resolution language comes as hope is dimming in Albany for budget language that would provide siting guidelines for up to three casinos north of the New York City metropolitan area. Lawmakers and Gov. Andrew Cuomo disagree on the extent to which the Legislature has influence in the siting process.

A constitutional amendment, due to go before voters later this year, would provide up to seven casinos across the state.